Location: Bonaire is one of the Leeward Islands located in the Caribbean just north of Venezuela (70 km). Bonaire is 50 km west of Curacao and 120 km from Aruba. Bonaire has a land area of 288 km2.

Climate: The average temperature is 28°C nearly all year round.

Population: about 15,000 inhabitants.

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Language: Several different languages are spoken on the island. The main language is Papiamento and also Dutch. English and Spanish are also widely spoken. Some useful words in Papiamento:

  • Bon bini: welcome
  • Bon dia, bon tardi, bon nochi: good morning, good afternoon, good evening
  • Kon ta bai: how are you?
  • Mi ta bon: I’m fine
  • Danki: thanks
  • Masha danki: many thanks
  • Di nada: you’re welcome
  • Mi ta bai (na laman/playa): I’m going to (the sea/the beach)
  • Ayo: bye!
  • Te aworó: see you later
  • Despensa: excuse me
  • Si: yes
  • Nò: no
  • Hopi: much
  • Tiki: a little

Nature: Bonaire has a fascinating landscape both above and under water.
Nature conservation is high on the agenda on Bonaire. All sea around Bonaire is part of the protected Marine Park.

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Activities: There are a variety of activities on Bonaire you can undertake. A few of the possibilities: diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kite boarding, land sailing, horseback riding, kayaking, sailing, hiking, cycling/mountain biking, bird watching, dancing, boat trips, wake boarding, waterskiing, discovering caves, climbing and of course relaxing!

Sightseeing: cultural sites such as the slave huts, historical architecture, Indian murals, Magazina di Rei, Bonaire Museum, salt plains, Lac Bay, Lac Cai, Lake Goto (flamingo colonies), National Park Washingto n Slagbaai, donkey sanctuary, butterfly farm, Mangroves, Little Bonaire (island), Seru Largu, Rincon (Bonaire’s oldest town) ed.

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Currency: since 01-01-2011 the US dollar ($) is the official currency on Bonaire. In addition credit cards are widely accepted. Of course, you can also withdraw money from ATM ‘s here on Bonaire.

Food/ drinks and shopping: there are a variety of local and international bars, restaurants and shops in and around Kralendijk.

Transport: Bonaire has no public transport available. There are cars (Jeeps, pickups, SUV’s), scooters, bicycles and boats for rent. We’ll gladly be of assistance and make a reservation for you if desired.

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